Congratulations to the 5th Annual StudyinBC Winner, Yeongjin!

Our 5th Annual StudyinBC Contest was a success thanks to all the wonderful submissions we received! We loved seeing British Columbia through the eyes of our international students. Congratulations to the winner this year, Yeongjin!

Yeongjin or Jini is from South Korea and arrived in Kelowna, BC about four months ago. She was a worker in the oil and gas industry in South Korea and found that becoming more fluent in English would improve her career prospects, so she chose to #StudyinBC.

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Jini tells us why she loves BC

“Let me talk about what I love about being a student in BC. First of all, BC is renown for beautiful scenery all year round. Especially, Kelowna where I live has the huge Okanagan Lake. Moreover, I was able to enjoy signs of fall everywhere, and now I am overwhelmed by the snow world. For those reasons, I can’t wait for the coming spring and summer. Second is about wine. One of my pleasures in BC is absolutely local wine! BC makes gorgeous wine. Time permitting, you should visit a couple of winery in BC. You will admire a peaceful view with perfect wine. Lastly, I’d like to mention the friendly people who are my teachers and neighbours. There are no words to describe my appreciation for their sincere help. To make a long story short, you can study what you want while having fun when you choose to study in BC.”

We’re so glad Jini is having the time of her life studying in BC and congratulations again!

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