Experiencing winter

By Vy Dang, international student from Vietnam studying at Burnaby South Secondary School

Coming from a tropical country like Vietnam, Canada is way colder than I have thought. Last year was the first time I saw snow, and it was the most amazing season ever. I thought it would be freezing, but it was just mild for me. The weather was snowy but sunny at the same time, which made me feel like I was in a movie.

The only problem was that there was snow until March. Even though I enjoyed snow, I was looking forward to spring so badly. This year, snow came much earlier than I had expected. There was snow at the beginning of November. I was not really prepared for that, but it was the most magical time ever. I had never felt the snow in such an early time before.

For me, the perfect weather is when there is snow and sunlight at the same time. It always gives me an excitement of upcoming holidays; however, it is never gloomy. When the sun shines on the frozen snow, it creates a glitter, which is stunning. I have never experienced such weather in Vietnam before, and the snow really gives me a feeling of Canada.

It is authentic and unforgettable, since it fulfills my studying abroad journey. I cannot wait for the snow at Christmas this year, because that will make me feel the holiday vibes. I plan to go skiing and hang out with friends during my Winter Break, and I hope I can experience more Canadian lifestyles in the future.

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    Hey. I would like to know how you managed to enter this secondary school. The thing is that I want to study at Canada but I have no idea how to do it. Any assistance will be highly appreciated

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