My first time in downtown Vancouver

By Chiara Beltrami, international student from Italy studying at Burnaby Mountain Secondary School

It was a quite cold day. The weather during those days was really strange: one day it’s really hot and you are almost melting on the bus on the way back to home from school and then the next day it’s cold and you have to leave your house with an umbrella and a raincoat on.

The day before I was talking with a friend of mine about the Monet exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery, because I have always enjoyed visiting museums, and she told me that some of her friends from another school were planning to go there on Saturday and then eat something together and go for a walk in downtown. I decided to go with them because I didn’t know if I could find anyone else to go with, and also because I wanted to go to downtown and see it for the first time.

I really enjoyed the exhibition, even though the paintings were only 20 and they weren’t the most famous because I knew that museums here are not like the huge museums and collections that we have in Europe, like the Louvre, but also in Italy, like the Uffizi or the Vatican Museums.

After that I went with my new friends for lunch and then we went around downtown. We went to Pacific Centre and also Canada Place, where we took a photo in front of a big sign for Canada’s 150 years. My friends were mostly Italians, but there was also a Japanese boy who had been living here for one year and knew the city, so we basically followed him to places he wanted us to see.

I really enjoyed the day, because it was my first time in downtown, in fact, I also made a YouTube video about it. I also met a lot of new friends, and now I still hang out with them, when for example we want to go to the Italian restaurant!

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