Introducing Our Featured Writer: Ayumi Hirata

Our Study in BC mascot, hanging out at Langara College

Willau [Will-OH], our Study in BC mascot, hanging out at Langara College

By Ayumi Hirata, Langara College, featured writer for the Study in BC blog. Read more from Ayumi here.

I am an international student from Japan. I came to British Columbia in March 2016 and have studied at Langara College in Vancouver since September 2016. I belong to the program of Arts (General) at the college and am interested in studying International Relations.

I chose British Columbia as the place where I want to study for a few reasons. To begin with, I can enjoy and learn different cultures and the various sense of value which I think are essential for studying International Relations. I had been to British Columbia when I was an elementary student in order to visit my cousin who studied in Victoria, and I experienced cultural diversity there. People whose cultural backgrounds are different, spend lives in harmony with each other. People are generous and friendly enough to accept different cultures. I was impressed with that as I am from Japan which is a homogenous country.

Secondly, cities harmonize with nature in British Columbia. Even though it is a big city, people have easy access to nature in Vancouver. That is attractive to me because I can have the opportunity to come into contact with nature when I want to refresh and take a break from studying.

Lastly, there is a flexible education system in British Columbia. I am able to take advantage of the transfer system. Before students get used to taking a class in English, this system allows them to do it with a relatively small number of students at the college.

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