Learning about new cultures

By Zeynep Dükkancılar, international student from Turkey studying at Burnaby Mountain Secondary

What I really like about BC is that there are so many events everywhere you can go to, both cultural and modern. This gives us international students many opportunities to meet new people and make friends who share similar interests. When I first came to BC they first took us to a culture show and we watched some Aboriginal ceremonies. It is so nice to see different cultures and see how they live their lives. Of course, I’m mostly interested in modern events such as concerts or conventions, but that was also a nice to see.

I went to a few concerts and they were so stunning. The people were also really nice to each other even though they didn’t know anyone at all! They were probably feeling comfortable since they were sure that we had at least one interest in common and it was the music we were listening to.

What I want to say is that people here are really nice and easy to communicate and get along with. There aren’t only these though, there are also many workshops where you can discover some new skills or hone your current ones. I’m not a very social person but all these events in BC make me want to talk to people more. This is a really good thing because speaking is crucial in learning English or just any other language. I’m loving this country so much already!

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