Moving North

Blog post submitted by our 5th Annual StudyinBC contestant, Annette Tahan from Israel.

Studying in BC is one of the best experiences that I have ever had. I enjoy experiencing the different seasons which bring different adventures too. I came from a hot country and coming to Kamloops, BC was an amazing adventure for me.

First of all, the diversity of people who are studying with me is incredible and I am learning so much about different cultures.

Second of all, Thompson Rivers University has the perfect team and advisers to support me or any other international student. They are very supportive, they make you feel not so alone, and they help with cultural shock.

I feel blessed every day to be in such a supportive environment and on top of all that the amazing view that is around me. The mountains, the lakes, the rivers, the trees and so much more that are surround me add to the daily happiness and peace in my life.

In my pictures, you can see some of the most amazing experiences that I had for the first time, such as snowshoeing and rafting in the Thompson River.  I also added pictures of Slide in the City in Kamloops, Pioneer Park, canoeing, and more.

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