My favourite places

By Vy Dang, international student from Vietnam studying at Burnaby South Secondary School

What I enjoy most in Vancouver is the attractive parks. Not only are they excellent places for walking and exercising, but they are also the beauty of the city. I have been to Queen Elizabeth Park so many times, but it has never let me down. Each season has its own appealing scene.

When I first went to the Park in the summer, it was full of energy; in spring, there was something romantic and cozy. I was most impressed with the cherry blossom in Spring. It was the first time I had ever seen such flawless blossom like that. Cherry blossoms in Vancouver brought a different feeling than in Japan; it was a western and modern style. When I went there in March, there was a Cherry Blossom festival with sparkling lighting and lanterns.

Another special thing about Vancouver is how it combined the values of nature with urbanization. It is a convenient city yet simple and natural. I was completely in love with the colourful gardens in Queen Elizabeth Park; they lit up my day. The waterfall was absolutely beautiful as well. Going up, I could see the whole view of Vancouver and a fancy restaurant in the Park. Each view of Vancouver just made me cherish the city more than ever!

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