My home away from home

By Vy Dang, international student from Vietnam studying at Burnaby South Secondary School

Burnaby South is my home away from home. When I was in Vietnam, I was so excited that I searched all the photos of Burnaby South on Google. However, there were not so many pictures.

When I first arrived here, I could not wait to see the school. My first impression was the size of the school. It was so huge that I needed a map to go around. After a year, I realize the reason why I love South is more than the appearance itself.

I feel lucky because of the genuine people in South. Teachers are friendly and passionate. They make me feel like friends whenever I talk to them. It is really hard to find a teacher who is willing to stay after school late just to help students with their university applications. South has given me the best instructors ever. In addition, friends are incredible. They welcome me like a part of the family.

The most memorable moments to me are probably lunch times. Instead of sitting in the cafeteria, we always sit on the floor during lunch. Every group has their own spot, and we can lay our shoulders comfortably against the wall. Each corner of South is absolutely a precious memory to me.

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