Trip to Storybrooke!

By Chiara Beltrami, international student from Italy studying at Burnaby Mountain Secondary School

On October 23rd I went with Sara and Fernanda to Steveston, Richmond, where Once Upon a Time was filmed! My host mother told me that they filmed there, and later I found out that a lot of TV series are filmed in Vancouver (for example, even if the new season of OUAT is mainly set in Seattle, the woman working in the tourism centre told us that they will still film in Vancouver!).

It took a while to get there, because we had to take the the Canada Line and then the bus. When we arrived there we went to the to the tourism centre, where we took a map of the filming locations and a really kind woman gave us some information.

We went to see the library, but just from outside, and the figured out that the clock tower is added by computer animation! Then we saw and also went inside Mr. Gold’s pawn shop and Granny’s cafè. It’s insane how same places appear completely different (because the production builds the interiors in a set) but yet so similar!

We visited the main road and the souvenirs shops, and then we had lunch into Granny’s cafè! Sara and Fernanda also drank the same hot chocolate that the characters had in OUAT. It was really cool.

Unfortunately they weren’t filming, but there was another show filming, and we found out that it is called “The Crossing”. We actually saw them filming! It was so cool!

From that day sometimes I check on the internet to see if some TV series are filming (once I saw a set two blocks from my house, and for this reason the bus stop was closed!)

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