Winter formal

By Vy Dang, international student from Vietnam studying at Burnaby South Secondary School

To be honest, I am an introvert, because I am not really interested in parties. However, since this is my last year in high school, I decided to go to Winter Formal. It was the best decision ever, since it was my first party throughout my school life. It took place in Hilton Hotel, a really nice and cozy hotel.

Even though the event was organized by students, when I got there, everything was professionally set up. I spent a lot of time taking pictures with my friends. There was a special photo booth where we could take funny pictures. After that, we danced the whole night together. I really enjoyed the desserts there, especially the brownies.

The most memorable part of the party was the Mr. and Ms. Rebel, similar to king and queen of the party. I was really excited, since the one I voted for won Mr. Rebel. The music suddenly changed to romantic genre, and we danced slowly together. The whole party reminded me of High School Musical, since they played a song from the movie.

After Winter Formal, we all got home, sent one another pictures, and posted on social media. The next morning, my newsfeed was like a blast of Winter Formal. It is definitely one of the most unforgettable memories that lights up my senior year.

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