Spotlight on 2012 winner!

Meet 2012’s StudyinBC Contest Winner Aska Nakamura! Aska is originally from Japan and came to British Columbia two years ago to study at Okanagan College. She chose BC as her study abroad destination because she was told that BC is an interesting place to live where people of diverse cultures and ethnicities live together in […] Read More »


By Daniel Mendez   I’m from Guadalajara, Mexico and I’m a survivor of an adventure! Since I was a kid, my wish was to travel all around the world, and what better place to start making my wish come true than BC?   Currently I’m living in Sooke, BC; a wonderful town, with amazing people, […] Read More »

University Visit

By Andrea Recillas. My best friends and I got the opportunity to go to some of the best universities in BC. It was a two day and one night trip and the best trip I did while I studied in BC. Especially since I went with my best friends.    It was a long trip, […] Read More »


By Maik Uhlmann   This is the second half of Maik’s story. To read about Preparing for a Case Competition Click here . On a Saturday morning in late October, we left for the Link BC Tourism Case Competition in Vancouver. Everybody was nervous, but everyone was happy. On this Saturday we worked on our research […] Read More »


By Maik Uhlmann   Today, I would like to write to you about competing on school competition teams. I had the privilege of being chosen to join the Okanagan College team at the Link BC Tourism Case Competition in Vancouver. The competition was held on October 26-28, 2013 and it was a complete success for […] Read More »