Vancouver as I see it

  My name is Joy Kong. I’m currently a fourth year student at Simon Fraser University (SFU). Most of the photos that I submitted are actually from my photography class. I had so much fun with it that I took a ton of pictures of every street I walked by. Living in Vancouver for almost […] Read More »

My Experience Studying in BC

By Brian Moon If I had one word to describe my experience studying in BC it would have to be AWESOME! I first moved to Vancouver in 2008 for my education at Emily Carr University and the more I live in this city, the more I love it! I take pictures often and most of […] Read More »

“Beautiful” British Columbia

By Ankita Shah “Beautiful British Columbia” was inscribed on the car license plate. It was the first thing I noticed when I walked out of Victoria International Airport. While sitting in the car, I looked out of the window and observed the gloomy dark sky and the spooky tree branches. Dense woods were visible with […] Read More »


By Marcela Montes On July 11, 2013, during the free days after middle term exams, I had the opportunity to travel around BC and the Okanagan Valley. The valley is gorgeous! They have a road called the Golden Mile with more than 10 wineries. I took the route and visited each and every single one […] Read More »

Work after Study: My Experience with the Post-Graduation Work Permit

By Elizabeth Brin I chose to study in BC for various reasons: I wanted to be an international student again–an invaluable experience that compares to no other travel experience I’ve ever had; I liked that there was an opportunity to stay in BC after graduation on the Post-Graduation Work Permit; and the third reason, I’ll […] Read More »