We don’t celebrate Halloween back home (but I had fun!)

By Letizia Torri, international student from Italy studying at Riverside Secondary School

During the last four months, I have been in contact with quite a few kids and teenagers who prefer Halloween to Christmas. For me this is really weird because Halloween is not really celebrated in Italy and Christmas is the festivity that all the children wait the whole year for.

In British Columbia, Halloween is kind of fancy, as since the second week of October, people start decorating their houses with lots of lights and balloons related to ghosts, pumpkins, witches and scary monsters. It’s really a pleasure driving through the neighborhood and the atmosphere is very enjoyable.

Most kids go trick or treating on October 31 and they usually visit enough houses to have their buckets full of chocolate bars, candies and savoury snacks. My two host sisters are still eating theirs and they don’t even let me touch them, as earning them was their most important personal goal for these few months.

For teenagers, Halloween is a festivity to celebrate with crazy parties, full of people dressed in scary and creative costumes. I was able to participate in two different parties that night and my surprise was that I had none in sight until the day before. My Canadian friend asked me if I wanted to go, as she knows how much I love partying in Italy and having lots and lots of fun with my friends.

In the beginning we attended a party at one of my friend’s house, who was going to host lots of people from Riverside Secondary School. I thought that was the best way to meet new friends and that was what actually happened. After an hour, we figured out that everyone was leaving to join a second party, which was hosting Terry Fox Secondary’s students. I can’t say where I had the most fun, but I was really happy about my decision to join in. I was dressed as a vampire and I received lots of compliments for my costume. I think it was one of the most memorable nights of my Canadian experience to date.

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