By Marcela Montes

On July 11, 2013, during the free days after middle term exams, I had the opportunity to travel around BC and the Okanagan Valley. The valley is gorgeous! They have a road called the Golden Mile with more than 10 wineries. I took the route and visited each and every single one of them and tasted different kinds of wine, like red wine, white wine, or rosé wine. In some places the tasting was free and in others the price was 5 dollars. If you are thinking about visiting a new place in BC, this is the place: totally recommended. The most interesting wineries were Mission Hill and Summerland.

Beautiful view from one of the wineries.

Beautiful view from one of the wineries.

Kelowna has a small downtown with a huge and amazing lake. For people who like sport activities like windsurfing, jet skiing, sailing, rowing and kite surfing can enjoy them in the lake or you can just relax and tan.

Another option is to go hiking. Kelowna has beautiful mountains with awesome views. I was really happy with this trip and the photos are so good everyone you show will want to go!

Tip:  For people who want to visit Kelowna, you can take the bus in Greyhound station from Main St, Vancouver. The price for the ticket is approximately USD $60 round trip and it takes 4 hours to arrive to Kelowna.

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