Walking Towards A Dream

By Mary Amrutha, international student from India studying at Selkirk College

Oh, sorry! Do not worry, I was just saying a sorry for no reason. If you hear this very often there is a  99.9 percentage chance that you are in Canada.

On my first day in Canada, I almost tripped over someone when my baggage got stuck somewhere at Vancouver International Airport. Before I could say sorry, he said sorry to me instead. That was the first thing I learned about this country. People are so polite here! Even if it is my fault, the other person will say sorry, too.

I am from the southern part of India, Kerala and Canada is new to me in every way. Culture, food, celebrations and even the seasons. I saw snow for the first time in my life after coming to Canada. I came here on August 1, 2018. I was expecting it to be super cold and was wearing a very warm jacket and shoes like I was directly going for skiing. For a moment I thought I landed in the wrong country. Because it was super hot instead of cold, like above 40 degree Celsius.

That was a revelation to me. I didn’t know that summer in Canada could be that hot. Everything about this country is so surprising.

If you are driving in Canada. Do not honk or let others honk at you. Back in my home country it is exactly the opposite. The other drivers might be angry sometimes for not honking and letting them know that you are approaching. Don’t ask me about the rearview mirrors, you still need to honk!

I live in Castlegar, BC and this place is so beautiful. The Kootenay region is like watching an old English classic. People preserve their culture to a very large extent. The beauty of this land is remarkable. The beaches, mountains, forests, the evergreens, the maple trees, the long roads and the wonderful farm lands and the fields – life is so beautiful in BC.

The main challenge for international students living in this region is getting a part time job. Without a job it is hard to survive. Job hunting is what every student does after coming here. Once you get a job, you are good. Or else it would be difficult.

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  1. Posted by Funke on

    What a good write up! I also went to Selkirk and another challenge was the transportation. Hope it’s gotten better now. 😉

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