How to Enter

  Photo Submission

  • Upload your photos on and send us the album link in the submission form.
  • Clearly state in the caption of each photo a short description and indicate which theme it belongs to
  • Photo album must include no less than 10 photos and respond to one of the following themes:
    – Nature and Surroundings
    – Community Life
    – School Life
    – Traveling in BC
    – Sports of BC
    – Holidays and Festivals
    – Taste of BC (cuisine, favourite dishes etc.)
    – BC Seasons (i.e. summer, spring, fall, winter)
  • Format: Minimum 150 dpi JPG or JPEG


  Video Submission

  • Upload your video on YouTube and send us the video link in the submission form
    Need help uploading your video? Click here
  • Include a description of your video in the description box on You Tube
  • Format: Maximum 2 minutes (120 seconds)


  Blog Article Submission

  • Copy and paste your blog post in the submission form
  • Topics should be anything related to studying in BC. This may include a general overview of your experience thus far, tips and advice, etc. Basically we want you to write about any topic that you think prospective students interested in studying in BC will find useful and relevant. Please view the sample content category for ideas on what to write.
  • Format: Minimum 250 words

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