Tips and hints

     Photo submission

Looking for ideas on what photos to submit? Try one of the following themes:

  • Nature and Surroundings – Photos in this theme could include urban and outdoor adventures, and natural landscapes such as mountains, lakes, and beaches.
  • Community Life – Photos in this theme could include your current city, where you live/home environment, host family, shopping downtown, local community events, gatherings, etc.
  • School Life – Photos in this theme could include your school, classroom, favourite teacher, favourite subject, field trips, campus life, dorm rooms, etc.
  • Traveling in BC – Where have you travelled to within BC? Show us some of your favourite cities, parks, lakes, etc.
  • Sports of BC – Photos in this theme could include your favourite sport played in BC, favourite sports team, a game you attended at school or at stadium, etc.
  • Holidays and Festivals – There is always a neat event, holiday or festival happening. What are some of your favourites?
  • Taste of BC (cuisine, favourite dishes, etc.) – A great thing about BC is that you can find cuisines from all over the world. What are some of the favourite dishes that you’ve tried? What food comes to mind when you think of BC cuisine?
  • BC Seasons (i.e. summer, spring, fall, winter) – Show us what BC looks like in the fall, spring, winter or summer.

     Blog submission

Below we’ve provided some ideas to get your creative juices flowing but feel free to write about anything you think a prospective student interested in studying in BC will find helpful.

  • Quality of education in British Columbia
  • Student success stories
  • Attending unique cultural events
  • Multiculturalism in BC
  • Dealing with culture shock
  • Up-to-date tips on getting a student visa
  • Application deadlines and advice
  • Student budgeting
  • Unique student achievements such as awards or kudos
  • Employment opportunities such as co-operative education
  • Working and studying as an international student
  • BC economy
  • Finding work as a student (rewards and challenges)
  • Resume tips

     Writing tips

  • Write in first person. For example, “I like…”
  • Link as often as possible to the people and places you reference
  • Keep second language users in mind
  • Use proper grammar and spelling

     Need more inspiration?

Check out some of our existing stories written by students just like you. Feel free to use an existing topic already written, but just remember to add your personal touch!