Shugaku ryoko

Shugaku Ryoko are short-term (usually one week) tours involving large groups (approximately 40-200 students however they can be split into smaller groups according to host school’s capacity). A typical Shugaku Ryoko will be offered during the months of May, June, October or November. Host schools and districts in BC are not expected to deliver any formal instruction, nor facilitate accommodation arrangements, but rather host the students for one full or half-day of activities and student engagement as part of their experience in BC.

     Information booklet on Shugaku Ryoko (English, 日本語)

     Benefits for the host schools

  • Opportunities for sister school relationships
  • Opportunities for local students to learn more about Japanese language and culture
  • Opportunities for local teachers to share experiences and skills
  • Possible recruitment of longer-term semester students
  • Honorarium provided by Japanese schools ranging from $20 to $50/student depending on group size and Japanese organizers

     Expectations of host schools

  • Provide classroom experience, interaction with local students, and a tour of the host school
  • Coordinate a time for an introduction to Japanese culture
  • Organize an activity, such as volleyball or basketball

If interested in hosting students or for more information, please email

Below is a list of current participating schools.

School name



# of Students
# of Schools in District

Northern and Central Region

School District No.54
(The Bulkley Valley)
May, early June or October 40-50 2,180 students
6 elementary schools
2 secondary schools
School District No.60
(Peace River North)
April – May 25 5,930 students
15 elementary schools,
4 secondary schools; 1 k-12 school

Vancouver Island Region

Island Catholic Schools October – November
or February – April
100 1,600 students
5 elementary schools
1 secondary school
St. Margaret’s School October – November
or January – February
or April – May
40 350 students

Vancouver and Surrounding Region

Mennonite Educational Institute Spring break, Summer 60-75 1,370 students
3 campuses
Pattison High School May – June 50 160 students
School District No.42
(Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows)
Any month except during exams and breaks 150-200 14,620 students
21 elementary schools
6 secondary schools
Vancouver School Board February, April, October, November 50 54,000 students
92 elementary schools
18 secondary schools
The Westside School January, February, April, May, October, November 20 140 students

Southern Interior Region

Immaculata Regional High School Any month 100 250 students
School District No.23
(Central Okanagan)
October, November, May 100 21,300 students
8 elementary schools
11 secondary schools

Rocky Mountain Region

School District No.10
(Arrow Lakes)
Any month except breaks 50 490 students
2 elementary schools
1 secondary schools; 1 K-12 school