Diwali celebration at my college


By Ayumi Hirata, Langara College, featured writer for the Study in BC blog. Read more about Ayumi here. The Diwali celebration was held at my college! Actually, this year Diwali starts on October 18, but we celebrated it a little earlier. Diwali is known as the festival of light which is celebrated in some countries, […] Read More »

Introducing Our Featured Writer: Ayumi Hirata


By Ayumi Hirata, Langara College, featured writer for the Study in BC blog. Read more from Ayumi here. I am an international student from Japan. I came to British Columbia in March 2016 and have studied at Langara College in Vancouver since September 2016. I belong to the program of Arts (General) at the college […] Read More »

Journalism School and Finding Your Niche

Ben Carney writes about his experience as an international student in BC studying journalism. For an aspiring journalist, entering a training program inherently poses a number of questions about what type of approach a curious mind should take in their career going forward. Aside from learning about ethics, technique, or practical skills, I think that […] Read More »

Five Tips for Launching Your Career After Graduation


By: Alfredo Moros, a UBC alumni from Venezuela Graduating from post-secondary education can be daunting. For the past 20 years of your life you’ve been told what your next step is. From Pre-Kindergarten to primary school, to high school, to post-secondary. Your path has been, more or less, laid out in front of you. Now, […] Read More »

Student Life at Kwantlen Polytechnic University

By Jasmeen Kaur, international student from India studying at Kwantlen Polytechnic University University studies is an important part of life. Decisions made during life at college or university can affect the entire life. It is a tough decision to decide which college you want to go to and above all it is hard to find […] Read More »