Small, but Mighty – Choosing College as a Post-Secondary Institution

By Anna Fernandez August has been a whirlwind of changes – from ending an amazing co-op work experience, to taking another step towards my academic and career goals, and lastly, embarking on a new adventure to study abroad. This fall, I’ve been granted the opportunity to study European Art History through my college’s Study Abroad […] Read More »

Hiking Up Garibaldi Lake


Anna applies some of what she’s learned from her last hiking adventure and takes on Garibaldi Lake! By Anna Fernandez Here are some of my ‘notes to self’ from my previous hike: Make sure you are quite comfortable with the path before you go on the hike. If you aren’t feeling too confident prior to […] Read More »

Ideal Summer Days for Vancouverites by Anna Fernandez


A columnist from the Economist recently declared Vancouver, along with Vienna and Geneva, to be “mind-numbingly boring”, despite the cities’ livable city rankings. Yes, Vancouver is livable with its scenic and breathtaking views, but no, it is not “mind-numbingly boring”. Vancouver is a city that I learned to appreciate. Like the columnist from the article, […] Read More »

Travel Young and Travel Wild by Leat Ahrony

Most people get excited about summer. It is also an extremely popular time for traveling. As international students, we may feel like we are on a long-term travel adventure, but don’t feel shy to explore even more. Canada is a gigantic country, but at the same time, each place will be very different from another […] Read More »

Why did I decide to study in BC? by Andrea Recillas

It all started when I was in grade 6 and had the chance to be part of a 2 week exchange program to Burnaby, BC. I was very excited and nervous about it because I was going to be living with a host family, people I had never met in my life before. At that […] Read More »