Fantasy FPS Mockup – VFX Midterm Project


By Anne Uy Can’t believe I’m almost finishing my first year here at BCIT! This term I have a Visual Effects class. It’s probably worth mentioning again that I’m taking Digital Design and Development, hoping I’ll end up making spiffy websites and such. After Effects was a program I’ve always wanted to learn ever since I knew that it […] Read More »

Let’s Talk Taxes by Leat Ahrony


“I thought the sign said $1.50?” I asked at the check-out counter. “Yes, but then there is tax.” This was foreign to me when I first came to Canada. When we are young, and our parents pay for most things, including our health care and taxes, we do not pay much attention, but after moving […] Read More »

Why not mix it up? by Juliana Galbiatti

British Columbia hosts over 100,000 students from around the world every year, and odds are, if you’re walking around the campus you will hear many different languages and sitting beside you in your classroom is someone from a completely different culture, so why not mix it up? We all have a tendency to stick with what […] Read More »

Diving Deep into the Unfamiliar By Leat Ahrony


We are very proud to introduce our newest Study in BC Ambassador, Leat Ahrony from Taiwan, who is a student at the University of Victoria! Leat will be sharing her experiences, tips and adventures in BC every month! Welcome Leat!   We are often fearful of touching the unfamiliar. But what if we switched our […] Read More »

BC Winter Wonderland by Juliana Galbiatti

Study in BC is very proud to introduce our newest Study in BC student Ambassador, Juliana Galbiatti, who is a Langara College alumni.  Juliana will be blogging monthly and sharing her pictures and videos about her life and experiences living and studying in British Columbia. Happy 2015 to all of you! First of let me […] Read More »