British Columbia: My Best Study Destination

By Samuel Adeyanju, University of British Columbia, featured writer for the Study in BC blog. Read more from Samuel here.

On the 31st July 2017, the long travel to Canada began. Being my first travel outside the shores of my home country, it was a mix of anxiety and joy that my dream has finally materialized. From Lagos to Frankfurt, then take a connecting flight from Frankfurt to Vancouver took almost 24 hours.

I was welcomed to Vancouver by the beautiful artistic sculptures made of metals, wood and other materials (I only got to know the sculptural designs were First Nations arts sometime later). One of the things that caught my attention was the inscription “Beautiful British Columbia” on the number plates of cars as I journey to my campus – The University of British Columbia. Indeed, this inscription best describes BC. The beautiful scenery revealed by the hills, valleys, mountains, forests, beaches, islands and high-rise buildings attests to the beauty of Vancouver and British Columbia.

Just recently, I found written on an article published by the provincial government “British Columbia – The Best Place on Earth”. I smiled but I could not agree more.

In terms of the education system in BC, it is quite different from the system that operates where I come from. I was a little overwhelmed by the enormous support and resources that were made available to us. International students are provided with the information and support they need through the International Students’ Orientation, info sessions, and drop in advising hours. Support ranging from housing, health, wellness and safety, career support, recreation and residence life, visas, study and work permit guidance. This made transitioning to Canada very smooth.

It was surprising to find that most of my professors preferred to be called by their first name as it was the direct opposite of what I was used to. The professors are very welcoming, understanding and supportive. They provide you with the tools needed to achieve success in their courses. You could even invite them for a chat over coffee. During their office hours, you could meet with them to ask questions and to get more explanations to topics taught in class. A good number of them also have an open-door policy. Another very helpful support are Teaching Assistants (TAs) attached to may courses. They help to coordinate weekly discussions, tutorials and lab components. TAs provide help to individual students on topics learned in class.

When you study in British Columbia, you can be assured you will fulfill your dreams. Just like I am today!

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