Studying abroad is a challenge and an opportunity!

By Daria Zavarzina, international student from Russia studying at Okanagan College

Studying in a different country is a challenge for many international students, but British Columbia is making it a fun, beautiful, fulfilling, and exciting challenge. There are so many things to explore in BC: parks, hikes, lakes, mountains, waterfalls, ski resorts, forests missives and even beaches. It’s impossible to explain BC in a few words!

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Enjoying studying and having fun – that is what BC is about. A mountain resort is so close to campus, or in fact, you can actually study somewhere in a park, in a tent, or at the beach by the beautiful lake. Or for your convenience your campus is actually a park with beautiful red trees in the fall and blossoms in the spring. Being close to nature is everything here!

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You learn about Canadian culture, indigenous peoples, multiculturalism, and diversity – accepting various views and ideas. University or college lets international students open their potential, encourages them to speak up and participate, and showcase their culture as well. No one worries about your level of English, or your accent, or your appearance because your professors are from different backgrounds, your classmates are from around the world, and everyone accepts each other.

How about an annual international education week, where you can share yours and explore others’ cultures?  So, after being a student here for two years I definitely do not think that it is a challenge because I think studying in BC is an opportunity!

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  1. Posted by Patrick Longworth on

    It was great to read of your experience in BC. Welcome to Canada, BC, and Penticton! I wish you all the best!

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