Introducing Our Featured Writer: Samuel Adeyanju

My name is Samuel Adeyanju. I am from Nigeria. I arrived in Vancouver, British Columbia on August 1st which coincides with my birthday. After earning my Bachelors degree in Forestry and Wood Technology in Nigeria, I really desired to proceed for my graduate program abroad and BC was one of my first point of call. I recall one of my professors during my undergraduate days narrated how coming to BC for his sabbatical in 2004 enhanced his academic career. So, this inspired me to apply to an institution in BC as well as the reputation of BC as having a top teir forestry education program.

I received a scholarship from Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program (MCFSP) to pursue the Master of Science (MSc) in Forestry at the prestigious Faculty of Forestry at UBC. I am the first to be sponsored in a research masters by MCFSP at UBC.

Connect with me on Twitter @yanjus4christ and Instagram @adeyanjusam1



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