It’s easy to feel like you belong in Vancouver

By Vy Dang, international student from Vietnam studying at Burnaby South Secondary School

Another reason why I feel that I belong to the city is the integrated Asian cultures here. There is a great population of people originally from Asia in Vancouver, which makes me feel even more close to the city. It is not entirely Asian culture, but it is combined with the western style as well. The interculturalism even makes Vancouver more attractive and easier to adapt.

From my experience, I barely went through any culture shock thanks to the multiculturalism. Anyone is welcomed here, and it is not difficult at all to blend it. Still, the process really depends on each person. When I travel around the city, everything looks more familiar to me. I have been to Chinatown a few times, and it reminds me of my hometown. The feeling is even more complete when the cultures are united. One of my favourite places is Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Garden. The setup is ancient and authentic yet somewhat modern at the same time. In addition, languages are also really flexible. New comers do not need to worry about languages, since there is always someone speaking the same language that is willing to help out.

In particular, food is also the best part. The diversity of cuisines here makes blending in at ease. In general, I really cherish the diversity here, since it always makes me feel at home.

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