Pursuing a Post-Degree Diploma

By Shuo Wang, international student from China studying at Douglas College

Reading success stories and news, particularly in the technology field is what always motivates me. I grew up centered around perfection, achievement and pursuing goals. I look forward to pursuing an upper management position within my career as an IT professional, potentially starting my own IT consulting firm.

However, I recognize the value of advanced preparation of technology skills. As I’ve gained experience, by working as a Senior IT Consultant at EY, one of the Big Four auditing companies, the long-term value of a higher IT knowledge has become more apparent to me. When I look at many successful people that inspire me within my profession, they all have the common educational background of Information Technology. This is what encouraged me to pursue further education in Information and Communication Technology at Douglas College, which would be my next goal.

This brings me to the important question of why the Post-Degree Diploma Information and Communication Technology at Douglas College? I am seeking a higher education extending further than classroom lectures. I am looking for real-world experiences, where getting to work in real-world businesses would teach me better fundamentals in my future career. I believe the skills necessary to integrate with colleagues and clients are essential to being successful in my profession. I am certain that Douglas College provides the learning environment perfectly suited for both my personal and professional priorities goals.

Personally, the community created by a diverse student body is extremely appealing. Born in China, growing up in Thailand, educated in the United States, and fluent in three languages, I value the comfort level created by having relationships with people from different backgrounds.

Douglas College provides a society of the most diverse, ambitious, and successful individuals from various generations, backgrounds, and beliefs. This will significantly broaden my horizon, develop my people skills, and enhance my ability to function in this diverse society. Professionally, the flexibility of Douglas College’s curriculum including internships and co-ops, the opportunity for me to pursue knowledge from classroom, while enjoying the benefits of working in the real world will help explore my career interests in the IT field. Most importantly, what I will learn at Douglas College will open my career doors and develop my skill set to earn significant opportunities in which I will make a greater contribution in the future.

Throughout my experiences, an implication to not only work for one’s self but work towards improving in my career field became my life goal. In order for me to partake in advancing the quality and technique of IT auditing and to implement better IT network and IT consulting framework, I will need proper practical and theoretical training.

I trust that Douglas College will help shape me into an exceptional IT professional. Douglas College offers a uniquely designed program, which includes all intellectual aspects essential for IT management, programming, system analysis and more that can develop my skills and abilities efficiently. I am confident that the program will attract talented individuals with a passion for technology; which is highly beneficial and important for me as it’s also crucial to exchange knowledge, share experience, and learn from one another.

This program will not only help me to appropriately prepare myself for this inspiring and rapidly growing industry but will also provide me with right tools to reach my full potential. I believe that a remarkable learning experience at Douglas College along with my passion for technology and the drive I have to successfully accomplish this career goal of mine will make me a very proud student of Doulas College and a future IT professional.

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