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Introducing Our Featured Writer: Ayumi Hirata

By Ayumi Hirata, Langara College, featured writer for the Study in BC blog. Read more from Ayumi here. I am an international student from Japan. I came to British Columbia in March 2016 and have studied at Langara College in Vancouver since September 2016. I belong to the program of Arts (General) at the college […] Read More »

Journalism School and Finding Your Niche

Ben Carney writes about his experience as an international student in BC studying journalism. For an aspiring journalist, entering a training program inherently poses a number of questions about what type of approach a curious mind should take in their career going forward. Aside from learning about ethics, technique, or practical skills, I think that […] Read More »

Five Tips for Launching Your Career After Graduation

By: Alfredo Moros Graduating from post-secondary education can be daunting. For the past 20 years of your life you’ve been told what your next step is. From Pre-Kindergarten to primary school, to high school, to post-secondary. Your path has been, more or less, laid out in front of you. Now, we all have some agency […] Read More »