My first time in downtown Vancouver

By Chiara Beltrami, international student from Italy studying at Burnaby Mountain Secondary School It was a quite cold day. The weather during those days was really strange: one day it’s really hot and you are almost melting on the bus on the way back to home from school and then the next day it’s cold […] Read More »

A feast to the eyes


By Jasmeen Kaur, international student from India studying at Kwantlen Polytechnic University It has been a year since I came to Canada as an international student from India. It was a turning point in my life. I have always had a great passion for travelling to new places and exploring the beauty of nature. And […] Read More »

Why I Like to Volunteer


By Ayumi Hirata, Langara College, featured writer for the Study in BC blog. Read more from Ayumi here. One of the most surprising things to me at my college is that many students are engaged in volunteer work because in my home country, university and college students rarely join volunteering. My college provides students with many […] Read More »

Experiencing winter


By Vy Dang, international student from Vietnam studying at Burnaby South Secondary School Coming from a tropical country like Vietnam, Canada is way colder than I have thought. Last year was the first time I saw snow, and it was the most amazing season ever. I thought it would be freezing, but it was just […] Read More »

British Columbia: My Best Study Destination


By Samuel Adeyanju, University of British Columbia, featured writer for the Study in BC blog. Read more from Samuel here. On the 31st July 2017, the long travel to Canada began. Being my first travel outside the shores of my home country, it was a mix of anxiety and joy that my dream has finally materialized. […] Read More »