A place you must visit in Vancouver, BC


By Siha Pyo, an international student from South Korea studying at South Delta Secondary School

There are so many beautiful streets, attractive places, and adorable, relaxing cafes and shops in British Columbia, but my favourite place is Granville Island. When my family came to visit me during the winter of 2018, we went to Granville Island together for the very first time. I instantly fell in love with everything there.

My family started with the Public Market, which was a little crowded, but as we walked in, we could see and smell the colourful fruits, seafood, pastries, and all other sorts of food. After a hard time choosing what to eat for lunch, I got a salmon burger and fries from Market Grill.


The market has a food court with glass doors where people can go outside to walk and eat while enjoying the beautiful view of Vancouver. My family got bubble tea, donuts, macarons, and other pastries for dessert. We ate and walked around the island. It was a pretty small island, so it did not take us long to walk, but we had to stop at every cute and attractive store every 5 minutes. My parents purchased souvenirs and home decoration sculptures, which are still beautifully displayed in our house in Korea. We saw a lot of creative glass art, jewelry, and other crafts as well. After taking pictures of the iconic ‘Giants’ silos, structures that store bulk materials, and the famous love wall, we got on the Aquabus at the port outside the Public Market to come back to our accommodation.

If you are studying or wanting to study in Vancouver, British Columbia, you must visit Granville Island. I can assure you that you will love the sights, and the trip will make your experience in Vancouver more delightful.

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