The last week before Christmas holiday

By Kai Sawamoto, international student from Japan studying at Selkirk College

The last week before Christmas holiday felt to be the shortest yet most eventful. Most of the friends will be away on holiday and some of them will not be back. I am from Japan and I am taking a University Science diploma, so I personally will be staying over in the college residence. However, there are a lot of Japanese friends in ESL course as well as students from Korea, China, and Quebec, who will go back to their country for good. So, we decided to make the last week the best week ever!

We all went to Boston Pizza, which is close to community complex. Community complex, in Castlegar, is the most happening place, where we can enjoy swimming and ice skating. After having pizza, we enjoyed those activities, reminiscing about the memories we all made in community complex and lamenting over the fact that that would be the last time to spend a good time with these friends.

However, time flies quickly. It was the last morning that we took the group photo. Since some of us still had finals, I remember it was pretty early in the morning. We made funny faces, to pretend to be cool, but I am certain we were all sad inside, but hopefully, sadness within us will melt soon and we keep the precious memories in our minds forever.

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