My life since coming to Canada

By Michael Ma, international student from China studying at Hugh McRoberts Secondary School

I vividly remember the first day I arrived in Vancouver, it was a shining Sunday. I was truly impressed by the coziness of the weather and the spectacular view of the majestic mountains and Pacific Ocean. They all depicted a stunning picture of a world-class city.

Soon after my arrival in Richmond, BC, I was embraced by welcoming arms of the folks from student council. Later, I joined them and I was only at ELL 3 at that time.

But if you asked me to name one thing that is the best part of my school, then I would say it is the library. The school library here in Canada is not just a place to do academic research, but it is a comfortable space designed for students to meet-up working on group projects, reading fiction, non-fictions and or books in Japanese and French! Besides, the librarians are friends whom you feel you can relate to and they can also be mentors for you if you need some assistance.

There are ample opportunities for you to get involved in the community. Each neighbourhood school is nearby a community centre equipped with gym facilities, computer lab and game room. In addition, municipal government have also funded public tennis courts, golf course and civic theatre.

Being from a Chinese background, I can confidently say that the Chinese food here in Vancouver is as authentic as back home. This definitely helped me to quickly get used to the life routine here.

In addition, I have had the honour to meet people from all kinds of background and this enriched my view of the world. Finally, I would like to encourage other prospective international students to explore BC by visiting here or attend some short-term program to get to know the culture and environment.

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