Nature + Wildlife in British Columbia (BC)

By Ashley Cai, an international student from China studying at Heritage Woods Secondary School

BC has amazing animals and a beautiful natural environment. This is my second year studying in BC. I now live and go to school in the tri-city area, and I feel that nature has become a big part of my life.

When I first arrived in BC, I was astonished by the fact that bears could appear in one’s backyard or roam freely in the neighbourhood. I freaked out one time when I saw a sign warning people that there could be bears because I do not know what to do if I encounter one.

One time during my French class, my school went into lockdown because a bear appeared near our school. My Canadian Studies teacher took the opportunity to teach us ways to protect ourselves from bears, as well, the importance of sorting our rubbish properly. One thing that I learned is that we should NEVER leave food out in the opening because the food will attract bears.

When I was walking my dog one time, I saw bear feces on the trail. Although I felt a bit uneasy, I decided to accept the fact that bears are our lovely neighbours. As long as we know what we are doing, bears may not be as dangerous as one might think.

The other animal that also surprises me is salmon. I never thought that salmons could be in the creek right next to my house! When I saw them trying to swim up the stream no matter how shallow the water, I was inspired. I truly respect this creature’s dedication.

Canada geese, cougars, ducks, ravens, etc., there are simply too many types of animals in the land of BC that I have never seen in Beijing, China. I am very grateful to be living in BC, for I have learned to respect these animals.

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