Nelson, BC is beautiful

By Minh Tuan Doan, international student from Vietnam studying at Selkirk College

What I’m going to tell you today is my entire experience living in Nelson, BC. A city with rich culture of arts, music and lovely landscape. When I first come to Nelson, I arrived at Castlegar, which neighbors Nelson. It was a bit frustrating because I couldn’t find the town on the map. Luckily, I had Google maps to guide me. Also, there was a very kind lady who called the shuttle bus for me to get to the residence.

I felt exhausted after the flight, so I took a long nap and began school a week later. Nelson, BC had the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen: the snow mountain, forest of pine trees, good architectural buildings. Everything had its own unique way to attract tourist and international students. I know it’s bit exaggerating, I’m telling the truth.

My friends, roommates, teachers and acquaintances all treat me very well. I must say when I first entered the college, there was not a lot of students as I expected. They had a gathering of international students and asked them what they hoped to achieve and offered the solutions. After a week, although I was too overwhelmed by the heavy program, somehow, I overcame it with support from my friends and instructors. I heard a lot about the success of the alumni. They shared wonderful stories about how they got rid of overstressing and found a job after graduation. That’s the end of my story. Thanks for reading!

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