Opening up

By Minh Tuan Doan, international student from Vietnam studying at Selkirk College

After the first semester at Selkirk College, which I’m currently studying. I felt so happy about my experience here. Here are my thoughts:
At Selkirk College, there are a lot of Indian, Japanese and Korean students. They are intelligent and have high fluency in speaking English. There are two Vietnamese friends who study Hospitality Management. Except for me, I’m in the Digital Arts course and it’s quite amazing to learn modern software, like Photoshop and After Effects, to create visual images, stunning animation and ton of other stuff.

I struggled to find friends at first. I’m quite a special person who spent most of my time alone doing artistic works. But now, I have to open my mind and learn from others, learn from their experience and not to make the same mistakes. More senior students and alumni know how to deal with things.

For communicating language, I had such a hard time understanding what other international students were saying. They used their native accent to speak English in conversation. Also, other people still couldn’t get what I was saying because I also had an accent to them. I’m enjoying the culture here. I get on well with others. Everything is adaptable, and I didn’t have culture shock. Nelson, BC is like a second home to me.

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