What I Love About My School

By Siha Pyo, an international student from South Korea studying at South Delta Secondary School

I take nine courses at South Delta Secondary School this year. I am very eager and passionate when it comes to academics, so I find all my classes interesting. However, one class that I find the most meaningful to me is life science 11, also known as biology.

When I was in elementary, I loved math and science courses such as chemistry and physics because these courses involve numbers, and I find them fun. Biology, on the other hand, was not my favourite because it was just memorization. All the terms were confusing, and I did not do well on tests compared to my other classes.

However, this year I developed a passion for biology, and I want to become a biomedical engineer when I grow up. Or, at least continue to take biology courses in post-secondary school. My viewpoint on biology changed after I met my current biology teacher, Mr. Burgess. He makes the course fascinating and enjoyable. Instead of making us take pages and pages of notes, he assigns us with fun activities and labs. I love the way he lectures and tries to understand his students better. I am truly thankful for him because he helped make me reconsider not to rule out career paths that involve biology.

My biology class recently went on a field trip to the Vancouver Aquarium. I learned a lot and had so much fun with my friends. The last time I visited an aquarium was 8 years ago, so this trip brought back some good old memories.

My school will be offering an optional 3-day field trip to Bamfield Marine Science Centre in April. Bamfield Marine Science Centre is a Western Canadian Marine Biological Society research station operated on the west coast of Vancouver Island in Bamfield, British Columbia. I will be experimenting, exploring intertidal shores, and collecting biological specimens. I will also be staying in a dorm with my friends, which makes me even more excited!!

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