Real Stories

The last week before Christmas holiday


By Kai Sawamoto, international student from Japan studying at Selkirk College The last week before Christmas holiday felt to be the shortest yet most eventful. Most of the friends will be away on holiday and some of them will not be back. I am from Japan and I am taking a University Science diploma, so […] Read More »

We don’t celebrate Halloween back home (but I had fun!)


By Letizia Torri, international student from Italy studying at Riverside Secondary School During the last four months, I have been in contact with quite a few kids and teenagers who prefer Halloween to Christmas. For me this is really weird because Halloween is not really celebrated in Italy and Christmas is the festivity that all […] Read More »

Opening up


By Minh Tuan Doan, international student from Vietnam studying at Selkirk College After the first semester at Selkirk College, which I’m currently studying. I felt so happy about my experience here. Here are my thoughts: At Selkirk College, there are a lot of Indian, Japanese and Korean students. They are intelligent and have high fluency […] Read More »