Real Stories

We don’t celebrate Halloween back home (but I had fun!)


By Letizia Torri, international student from Italy studying at Riverside Secondary School During the last four months, I have been in contact with quite a few kids and teenagers who prefer Halloween to Christmas. For me this is really weird because Halloween is not really celebrated in Italy and Christmas is the festivity that all […] Read More »

Opening up


By Minh Tuan Doan, international student from Vietnam studying at Selkirk College After the first semester at Selkirk College, which I’m currently studying. I felt so happy about my experience here. Here are my thoughts: At Selkirk College, there are a lot of Indian, Japanese and Korean students. They are intelligent and have high fluency […] Read More »

My life since coming to Canada


By Michael Ma, international student from China studying at Hugh McRoberts Secondary School I vividly remember the first day I arrived in Vancouver, it was a shining Sunday. I was truly impressed by the coziness of the weather and the spectacular view of the majestic mountains and Pacific Ocean. They all depicted a stunning picture […] Read More »