Opening up


By Minh Tuan Doan, international student from Vietnam studying at Selkirk College After the first semester at Selkirk College, which I’m currently studying. I felt so happy about my experience here. Here are my thoughts: At Selkirk College, there are a lot of Indian, Japanese and Korean students. They are intelligent and have high fluency […] Read More »

My life since coming to Canada

By Michael Ma, international student from China studying at Hugh McRoberts Secondary School I vividly remember the first day I arrived in Vancouver, it was a shining Sunday. I was truly impressed by the coziness of the weather and the spectacular view of the majestic mountains and Pacific Ocean. They all depicted a stunning picture […] Read More »

Nelson through my lens


By Minh Tuan Doan, international student from Vietnam studying at Selkirk College Hi! I’m Minh, an artistic student studying at Selkirk College in Nelson, BC. This town is the best place to study if you enjoy relaxing and having an education where the surrounding are not high-rise building or the busy atmosphere in the city. […] Read More »

Bringing Italian volleyball flair to Canada


By Letizia Torri, international student from Italy studying at Riverside Secondary School I tried almost every single sport during my childhood and I discovered volleyball when I was 11 years old. Since my first volleyball training session, I fell in love with it. Year after year, I realized that it was the best way to […] Read More »

Location matters: experience of a GIS student


By Raimundo Neto, international student from Brazil studying at Selkirk College Location matters. That’s the motto for those who are into Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This area of study which brought me to Canada, more specifically British Columbia. Location is not only important for the spatial data itself, but also for the person in front of […] Read More »

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