My Journey to British Columbia as an International Student

When you think about going abroad to study, the first thing you need to care about is how to get to your destination. On my way to British Columbia, I was met with various challenges that became memorable experiences later.

After receiving an acceptance letter from my school in BC, I had a few weeks of worrying while I waited for my study permit approval. But when I was holding my passport with a new visa to Canada in it, I knew that worrying meant I was getting closer to my dream.

My flight to Vancouver was more than 15 hours long. Even though the trip was fatiguing, during the whole flight, I was excited to get to BC, a place I had never been before. When the plane was making its descent, I could not take my eyes off the stunning views of my new home.

My biggest challenge was the two-week isolation period. (I arrived in Canada in 2021 during a high point in the pandemic.) Looking through my apartment window at the life going on outside and being unable to go out for 14 days was really tough. I spent that time getting used to a different time zone and practicing my hobbies. And when the time finally came, and I could stop my self-isolation, I felt like I was opening the door to a new chapter full of adventure.