The Hunt for Accommodation

While much can be said about the current housing crisis, as an international student moving to British Columbia, finding accommodation was the necessary step I had to make. The constant concerns at the back of my head were: Where? How? How much will it cost? The price was above all else, whether I wanted to stay on campus or off campus.

My initial strategy was to secure on-campus housing at Thompson Rivers University. I applied for two different buildings available within the cost range that my parents and I agreed upon, to increase my chances on getting a spot.

Simultaneously, I looked for off-campus housing close to the university, in case I did not get a room, keeping the unpredictability of winter weather in mind. I pursued this through the off-campus housing rentals on TRU’s website because I felt the university’s housing would have met the standards for location, cost, security and comfort.

Transferring mid-academic year from Manitoba, my options were limited since almost all the rental apartments were full. However, I then discovered this Facebook group for TRU students, where I connected with peers looking for roommates and offering sublets. Eventually, I found a place in Aberdeen after I got waitlisted for an on-campus residence. Although the rent was excellent and the location great, within walking distance of the bus stop for school, I still had to make a choice, ‘beggars can’t be choosers,’ and this was it. I resided there for half a month before the winter semester of 2023 started.

Fast-forward to January, I finally got accepted for residence and have loved staying here because of the sense of community, which is valuable part of the student experience. I’ve met new people from various disciplines and have made new friends from around the world.

My initial living situation made me overwhelmed, but by planning strategically and acting without delay I successfully found my home away from home. My major tip? Have multiple options laid out to increase the chances of securing a place.