Why choose British Columbia?

British Columbia is known for its multicultural and welcoming communities. Here are a few great reasons why you should choose to study in BC.

Photo: Simon Fraser University

  1. World-class education

    Our commitment to investing in quality education makes BC a natural choice for international students.

  2. Welcoming communities

    BC is a welcoming and exciting place to study. Communities are culturally, ethnically, and linguistically diverse. We have a vibrant economy and a young population.

  3. A safe place to live and study

    Low crime rates, a diverse and tolerant population, and effective regulation make BC one of the safest places to study and live.

  4. Education quality assurance

    Our Education Quality Assurance brand helps students choose a high-quality institution that offers consumer protection.

  5. Work while you study

    BC is a great place to work as an international student. Our cosmopolitan cities offer a high standard of living and exciting learning and work opportunities for all ages.