Interesting facts

     Did You Know?

  • In 2019 The Economist ranked Vancouver as the sixth most livable city in the world.
  • BC is referred to as “Hollywood North.” It is the 3rd largest film and television production centre in North America (after New York and Los Angeles).
  • BC is home to people of many different origins, cultural traditions, languages, ethnicities and religions. Over 100 languages are spoken in Vancouver.
  • BC hosted the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  • BC is only hours away from major US cities such as Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles.
  • BC is the only province in Canada to boast a “West Coast Special,” which means a person can ski and golf in the same day!
  • BC has the best college-to-university transfer system in North America. Its seamless transfer system allows students to move from one institution to another without losing credits.
  • BC education system offers a seamless transition between all levels, from language learning and K-12, to community college, institute and university.
  • BC’s Education Quality Assurance designation (EQA) is Canada’s first and only provincial brand of quality for post-secondary education. The EQA Seal shows students which BC institutions have met government-recognized quality assurance standards and offer consumer protection.

     Cool Hollywood Facts

British Columbia is the third largest production centre in North America. Dozens of movies and televisions are produced year-long in many areas of BC.

Examples of some of the famous films shot and produced in BC include:

  • Deadpool (filmed in Victoria)
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid (filmed in Vancouver)
  • Fantastic Four (filmed in Vancouver)
  • Fifty Shades of Grey (filmed in Vancouver)
  • Final Destination II (filmed in Campbell River)
  • Overboard (filmed in Richmond)
  • An Unfinished Life (filmed in Kamloops)

To find out more about films shot in BC or to learn how to spot a film shoot, visit Tourism BC.