Being a global citizen: Learning unity

After half a year living in Canada, I am learning to embrace my new identity: a global citizen. Individually, it’s given me the courage to validate my own experience and live louder because I am more aware of my inner power. Collectively, my sense of home has grown larger. Being a global citizen expands my definition of a community since no matter how different we are historically, culturally, and economically, human beings are interconnected, as long as we embrace our uniqueness and respect others.

Being a global citizen challenges ignorance. But it was not there to defeat us, because in this journey, we, as human beings, find the beauty in unity, in understanding that as our compassion for others grows much stronger, it changes the way we engage with the world.

This year we found ourselves sending hope and prayers to those who were once strangers. We acted, we choose to speak up, we advocated: for climate change, for liberation, for equality, for mental health, for everything that speaks to our hearts.