My school life: Seizing opportunities and thinking differently

Studying abroad has really altered my perception. It has cracked me open and helped me see the world in a different light.

When being asked about my university life in Canada, I would say it is a delicately tailored experience. My academic advisor assists me with every step I take to make sure I’m educationally and mentally ready for the upcoming courses. It is so amazing to have her by my side and I am truly grateful for her time taking care of me academically. I’ve met many enthusiastic instructors who have encouraged me to write and take creative writing courses.

Becoming one of TRU’s Social Media Ambassadors has also been a profound experience. Working with people from different backgrounds, I’m learning to accept and respect cultural differences and to support others in a genuine way. By interacting with people not like myself, I’ve realized how judgmental I can be to those around me. It’s made me more aware that we all need to treat people with kindness.