Community in Canada

British Columbia is a place where I feel I can take life at a slower pace for the very first time. Coming from Europe where I grew up with the pressure to be on time, all the time, BC feels like a place where I can finally embrace a work, or in my case, a study-life balance.

When I first came to Canada I was afraid of not finding friends. My biggest fear was not having a support system with my family living so far away. But Canada has proved these fears wrong.

Community means something different in Canada. As Canada is home to many different cultures, it creates a melting pot of different people all searching for genuine connection.

I’ve made connections here and have created a support system with my chosen family of friends. Integrating myself was key. I realized that community is going out and seeking connection. Volunteering have been another great way of connecting with people. In fact, I found myself trail building with a local bike association that has not only brought me great joy, but also great friends. There is always something to do here, and the community of Canada welcomes people with open arms to be a part of it.