Dreams coming true are closer than they appear

Being a post-secondary student in my mid 30s isn’t something I had thought I was going to be. The urge to learn and become better just hit me. I gave up a well-paying job to come to Canada and to pursue the urge of knowledge. I wasn’t disappointed.

In terms of learning, I found some great role models, teachers, who have opened so many new ideas and pathways.

Today I look back on my achievements made so far, and I must say I’m more than proud of myself. I made the Dean’s honour list, I write for the student newspaper, and I feel I’ve achieved more than my teachers back in school would have believed in I could do.

Post-secondary education in Canada is different from Europe. Even though it is a bit too busy at times with all my assignments it’s more accurate in reflecting in what one can achieve than just hammering in some facts for a final exam. I really hope this concept finds its way over the Atlantic, too. The only thing that this takes away is a lot of time, it is quite hard to find new friends, because everybody is so busy with their assignments that there is just not enough time to socialize and make friends off campus. This might be a more “mature” student problem, but I’m working on it.

Before I came to study in BC I thought I’d gain more knowledge in what I was doing before, but now, all these pathways have opened and I have the confidence to pursue my goals even more.