Why we should never stop learning

I always loved the saying that an end is just the beginning of something new. My student journey in Canada has made me a different person. Information is power and I surely got empowered. Sometimes it feels overwhelming thinking of all the opportunities that are out there, and I think I simply struggle the most with deciding what is the right path for me to be the most successful.

As a global citizen I feel like I belong here, but I also belong to the places I have been already and maybe even to the places I will go. To connect with others feels like the most natural thing to me and what better way to do it than with words and communication.

Canada is home now, and I feel as much Canadian as I feel European. Who knows what the future has to offer, I guess I will find out soon enough. The path is not written yet. And that is what excites me most. I could be working for the UN and be a real global citizen by just being somewhere where my words are needed. Not only have I been given all those tools now to be an excellent communicator on all levels, but my studies also gave me the chance to evolve and have an open mindedness about my future.